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Edge Chronicles: Clash Of The Sky Galleons (the Edge Chronicles)

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Edge Chronicles Clash Of The Sky Galleons


MPN: FBA-|297922
ISBN: 0385736134
Author: Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell

I plan to share with you this excellent kids book called Edge Chronicles: Clash Of The Sky Galleons . The author is Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell and it was published sometime in 2010 by Yearling. The kids book is 432 pages long. If you need a copy of this kids book, click on the market add to shopping cart button on this site.

Quint is traveling with his father, Wind Jackal, on a mission to track down and bring to justice Turbot Smeal, the man who started the fire that killed their family. Having left behind his studies at the Knights Academy, Quint is now eager to learn what itreally means to grow to be a sky pirate and to understand from his father. His actions endanger the lives of his crew and his son. But Wind Jackal is consumed by his desire to capture Smeal— and his judgment is flawed. As they travel from the taverns and backstreets of Undertown and the wonders of the shipbuilders' yards, to the dark dangers of the Deepwoods, where Quint and Maris become separated from the rest with the crew and encounter some terrifying creatures and finally to the mysterious, ghostly sky-wreck in Open Sky, exactly where they discover the truth about Smeal— and face a new terror.


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