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Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser (the Edge Chronicles)

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Edge Chronicles Stormchaser


MPN: FBA-|292618
ISBN: 0440420881
Author: Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell

Kids love Edge Chronicles: Stormchaser by Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell. The author is Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell and it was published on the 13th of May, 2008 by Yearling. The book is 400 pages long. Obtain a copy of this book, visit our partners via the link below.

Since his childhood inside the Deep Woods, young Twig has always longed to soar above the forest canopy and explore the sky. The city's future is dependent on stormphrax— a valuable substance available only from the heart of a Great Storm. The lofty city of Sanctaphrax— built on a giant rock, floating high inside the sky— is at the point of disaster. Now a crew member on his father's sky pirate ship, the Stormchaser, his dream seems fulfilled. From the Hardcover edition. And only the Stormchaser, with Twig onboard, could risk entering a storm. But a significantly better destiny awaits Twig.

Serving aboard the magnificent sky-ship Stormchaser, Twig is nonetheless attempting to prove himself to his pirate father Cloud Wolf--with mixed results. Now the Stormchaser must sail again--Twig, in tow, of course--chasing the Wonderful Storm in search of stormphrax. Betrayal forced Twig's father into piracy, but the seeds sown by that misdeed have only now come to fruit, through a convoluted conspiracy of corruption. As old plots and schemes unfold, Twig learns that his father was as soon as referred to as Qunitinius Verginix,"the finest Knight Academic in a hundred generations,"entrusted by the Professors of Light and Darkness to secure"stormphrax"(the sacred, super-heavy substance that keeps the city of Sanctaphrax from sailing skyward ).

The pace only quickens in Stewart and Riddell's well-done, slightly scary series, and younger readers genuinely really should be warned that these books don't pull too many punches. (Ages 9 to 12) --Paul Hughes Addicted American fans slavering for the subsequent book in this British series will probably be glad to understand they can look forward to a lot of more installments. Fortunately the occasional violence is much like you'd find in Grimm's tales: brief and often just.


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