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Edge Chronicles: The Last Of The Sky Pirates (the Edge Chronicles)

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Edge Chronicles The Last Of The Sky


ISBN: 0440421004
Author: Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell

Edge Chronicles: The Last Of The Sky written by Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell is a brilliant book. Written by Paul Stewart / Chris Riddell and it was published on the 26th of May, 2009 by Yearling. The book is 384 pages long. For more information on this kids book, click on the shopping cart add to shopping cart button below.

The newest paperback installment in the exciting Edge Chronicles! His luck and determination lead him from 1 peril to another until, buried in the heart of the Deepwoods, Rook encounters a mysterious character and is thrust into a bold adventure that dares to challenge the might with all the Guardians within the Night. He dreams of becoming a librarian knight— a single of those sent out to explore the mysteries of their planet. Rook Barkwater lives in the network of sewer-chambers beneath Undertown, the bustling main city with the Edgeworld. Breaking all of the rules, he sets out on a journey towards the Free Glades and beyond. When his chance comes, Rook grabs it!


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